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Simon (fictitious), the managing director of IT strategy at an education platform company, knew that account sharing was one of the main challenges even if the current policy is that one account should only be used by one person. Simultaneous access and frequent IP changes were difficult to regulate and customer complaints when their account was suspended for account sharing were difficult to handle, resulting in decreased employees' work efficiency. Even if it was clearly illegal for several people to share the same account and listen to lectures, it was happening so frequently that it was negatively impacting the company's sales. The strategic team had to implement improvement measures.

Simon started to think of a way to limit one account to one user. He thought that only a designated user should have access to one account so that they will no longer be able to share their account. While searching for a biometric authentication solution, he learned about our FIDO passwordless MFA solution, EzAuth. OCTATCO's solution is ideal for platform businesses as it is compatible with the various devices students use to attend online lectures such as PC, smartphones, or tablets and it also offers a wide range of authentication method options. Biometrics authentication is often embedded on smartphones but not on all PCs so they can use our fingerprint security key or use mobile push notifications as two-factor authentication.

20% Enhanced productivity
Increased sales
0 Account takeover
Fast deployment

Within a few weeks our passwordless MFA solution was linked to the platform system and the students could start accessing their accounts using biometric authentication. To minimize students sharing their accounts, we recommended to the company an adapted authentication solution allowing up to two users per account for only a small additional cost just like OTT platforms do.

Thanks to the implementation of our FIDO MFA solution, the user authentication process is now more accurate and efficient through fingerprint recognition, significantly reducing the IT team's workload related to IP tracking and concurrent access accounts. There was less inconvenience as accounts and users were properly identified, and suspended shared accounts weren't an issue anymore as they had been replaced by a shared account fee, resulting in a 40% increase in sales. Now the company can focus on attracting new customers by hiring better teachers and providing better classes rather than spending time handling authentication issues. Simon is planning to implement more FIDO-related security technology as our MFA integration was a success.

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