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Mark (fictitious), the head of information security of a bank, faces a lot of challenges as the use of various network systems is expanding, there is a growing number of customers and non-face-to-face services which lead to the lack of control over the multi-level authentication systems used.

There was no proper solution but the changing cloud environment and current authentication tools were quite vulnerable to malicious attacks and employees were complaining about the difficulty to handle various complex password policies for each system.
Integrating currently incompatibile system authentications would also generate prohibitive adoption costs and maintenance costs


To address these challenges, Mark contacted OCTATCO and discussed with Ezy (fictitious), our customer support representative, who suggested EzAuth, our next-generation FIDO-enabled passwordless MFA, to gather all network system authentication methods on one single platform. EzAuth is a single authentication platform supporting various authentication methods including smartphone fingerprint, PC-embedded fingerprint, USB security keys, and OTPs. Users can conveniently authenticate while administrators can easily manage all internal authentications, eliminating wasted authentication time and reducing maintenance costs.

Within one day all network systems were integrated into EzAuth and it was used for every authentication. From complex multi-level authentication to a single fingerprint touch, EzAuth improves the authentication process by being 10 times faster than regular passwords and 5 times faster than OTPs. After the implementation of EzAuth, it was reported that the company saved 18,250 hours of authentication time per year for about 2,000 users. The vulnerabilities of password usage and management were eliminated, by using our passwordless MFA, preventing malicious attacks such as phishing, spoofing, sniffing, and man-in-the-middle attacks, resulting in no account takeover. With OCTATCO's single solution, the ROI is four times bigger than by using multiple individual authentication solutions, creating the most benefit for the company.

Fast deployment
95% Password problem reduction
0 Account takeover
OCTATCO enterprise network systems authentication solution customers
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