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Kate (fictitious), the IT director of a local financial group, mentioned that this year's biggest challenge has been to find a safer and more convenient way to deliver competitive financial IT services amongst existing competitors and strong IT-based financial firms. Even with the current joint certificates, simple authentication, blockchain authentication, and FIDO 1.0-based mobile biometric authentication, provided by various vendors, the staff was having difficulties handling fault management and delivering a rapid response. While safe and convenient authentication is key to attracting more customers and increasing loyalty, there were still limitations in the current system with PC and mobile integration. As the company offers various financial services such as banking, trading, and insurance, as well as cloud services and infrastructure systems no one knew exactly when and where problems could arise because no one understood the whole system.

To improve the customer experience for their financial services on both PC and apps, Kate consulted OCTATCO, a leading FIDO technology company, to learn more about the latest FIDO2 technology which enables convenient fingerprint and face authentication on PCs just like on smartphones. With Octataco's passwordless MFA EzAuth solution, various authentication methods are available on one platform. Customers can conveniently use smartphone biometrics, OTP, and push apps authentication as well as PC biometric authentication and FIDO security keys. It also supports the global standard WebAuthn API, allowing all the authentication methods to be easily integrated with existing systems within a few hours, eliminating months-long integration operations.

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95% Password problem reduction
20% Enhanced productivity

Following the introduction of EzAuth, IT management reports show that technical support related to password issues and resets had decreased, improving overall productivity. Kate is also satisfied to report that it is now possible to conveniently integrate new financial services within just a few hours thanks to EzAuth. As the customer registration and authentication processes were simplified, the number of users also increased by more than 10% in 3 months. The stronger security improved the company's competitiveness so even more additional customers are expected. The company is also planning to expand our solution to various business systems.

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