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Lee (fictitious), the head of information security of a global semiconductor company, was considering future countermeasures because of a recent security incident. An industrial spy disguised as an employee was caught trying to access without permission a restricted access facility with a replica of an access card. Existing access cards were easily reproduced because they didn't have ICs or biometric recognition, preventing them from accurately controlling the identity of users accessing critical facilities. Furthermore, the new U.S. government had enacted a law to enforce the use of multi-factor authentication to strengthen cybersecurity over semiconductor supply chains, not only for online access but also for physical access management.

At first, Lee considered switching to SAM access cards which can't be reproduced but he ended up contacting OCTATCO after hearing about the possibility of verifying user identity through biometric authentication. Our FIDO QRNG security key EzQuant is the world's first quantum fingerprint security key providing the strongest security level by storing the SAM encryption key, the fingerprint personal data, and the FIDO private key in a hardware security area that can never be accessed from outside. It is the most complete, secure, and convenient solution that addresses all security issues. Standardized technology for devices, systems, and networks minimizes silo development, enabling rapid deployment of physical security access authentication, PC login, and enterprise system authentication in only two months.

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OCTATCO was able to eliminate the vulnerabilities of the company's existing access card system by implementing EzQuant security card and our passwordless MFA EzAuth, allowing the company to be in line with stricter global cybersecurity regulations in the semiconductor industry. Since, the company had no unauthorized access or account takeover due to enhanced security for both physical access management and online operating systems. Now, the access right of approximately 30,000 employees, partners, suppliers, and customers can also easily be managed through an accurate user base. Thanks to this successful implementation, Lee is planning to deploy OCTATCO's quantum-based solution to more plant operating systems.

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