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Alex (fictitious), the head of security at a regional waterworks company, is responsible for managing the water supply facility management system in charge of supplying clean tap water to citizens. Not long ago, intelligence officials informed the company that hackers from hostile countries were expected to attack major infrastructure facilities in Korea, raising concerns about hacking threats. With public institutions already suffering massive hacking damage, it was urgent to come up with systematic countermeasures.

Usually, strengthening the security system and implementing new security solutions is complicated due to budget and time constraints but after some research, Alex found out about OCTATCO. Implementing OCTATCO's authentication solution to privileged administrators would be the most cost-efficient and quickest solution to improve security. As privileged administrators often are the target of account takeover, we recommended that existing authentication methods be quickly switched to our passwordless authentication solution. Rather than using smartphone fingerprint or face recognition which could be exposed to malicious attacks, we recommended using our powerful FIDO fingerprint security key to authenticate privileged administrators. Also, in some cases, FIDO PIN authentication can be set as the second-factor, improving the security through mulit-factor authentication, and efficiently blocking account takeover attacks.

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10 times faster authentication

It stores biometric and encryption key information used for authentication in the hardware secure area that can never be accessed from outside, ensuring users' personal data never leaves the device, and providing the safest level of authentication. To prevent account takeover and improve user identification, the privileged administrators at the waterworks facility each received OCTATCO's EzFinger desktop security key, plus our passwordless MFA EzAuth was integrated into their system.

In addition, with biometric authentication it is possible to accurately determine the real identity of users, making it easier to manage all the logs of users who have accessed the water facility management system. By using EzFinger's desktop security key, PC authentication only takes 1 second which is 10 times faster than usual, improving employees' satisfaction level dramatically. As a leading FIDO technology company recommended by Gartner and Microsoft and a major member of the FIDO Alliance, OCTATCO has helped the waterworks company headquarters introduce passwordless FIDO-certified biometric authentication. From consulting to a deployment plan, execution, management, and after-sales service, we help companies deploy our solution easily and quickly.

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