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John (fictitious), head of the IT department at an ICT company, recently reviewed security challenges associated with SaaS adoption. The report reveals that most of the security incidents with SaaS are caused by unmanaged issues and confirms that proxy authentication issues are occurring. Especially because the weak password environment facilitates access for any users or the access is accidentally given to unauthorized users.

Managing the situation was becoming harder as security breaches were increasing due to many employees already using SaaS applications as well as unauthorized applications. There were even phishing attacks disguised as trusted SaaS pages or domains, and malicious email attacks disguised as normal business content. Everything revealed that user authentication issues were arising.


While looking into cloud SaaS authentication, John found out that the SaaS service currently used by his company supports FIDO2 authentication standards. He also found out through one of Gartner's market reports that OCTATCO is one of the leading FIDO2 global sample vendors. John discussed his SaaS authentication concerns with Octa (fictitious), our customer support representative, who suggested using Octaco's FIDO2-certified fingerprint security key EzFinger. By providing our passwordless fingerprint security key to users and administrators using SaaS applications, they can log in more easily while security risks are eliminated thanks to a safer and stronger FIDO2-enabled authentication solution. EzFinger security key is a quick and cost-efficient solution to improve authentication as it doesn't require investments in additional systems.

0 Account takeover
95% Password problem reduction
18,250 hours Saved invisible work time (2,000 users/year)

When the management agreed to the security key implementation, John purchased many EzFinger and distributed them to all the employees, converting their traditional authentication method into a passwordless fingerprint authentication. The vulnerabilities of password authentication were eliminated by using the FIDO2-certified biometric security keys, preventing malicious attacks such as phishing, spoofing, sniffing, and man-in-the-middle attacks. The company reported fewer security breaches, no account takeover, and improved user identification, resulting in a reduction of time spent on password management for the security team. It was also reported that about 2,000 employees saved 18,250 hours of invisible work time in a year thanks to our more convenient authentication solution and that employees' satisfaction had improved because they felt less stress related to authentication.

At first, John had a lot of concerns about user authentication for SaaS applications but OCTATCO's FIDO-enabled passwordless biometric authentication solution has helped solve security issues, allowing the IT and security teams to focus on their core tasks.

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