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Accurate and secure fingerprint authentication for PC login


Jane (fictitious), the head of the information security team at a local life insurance company, recently heard from industry officials that a file containing customer information was stolen from another company's computer, causing irreparable damage to the company's reputation as well as multiple fines for violating privacy laws.

Jane knew that what happened to this company could happen to hers at any time. They've been using password authentication to log in on company PCs for a while and her team has been receiving an increasing number of complaints about them. It has become inconvenient for employees to create and remember more and more complex passwords combining special characters, numbers, and upper and lower case letters. Plus, the company policy requires changing them every month! So as password complexity rises, employees can't remember them and the number of password reset rises too. The information security team ends up focusing on password reset-related tasks rather than core security tasks.


Jane was struggling to find ways to strengthen PC login security while eliminating the password management burden for employees and reducing time spent on password management support by the information security team.

After conducting some market research to address her security issues, Jane found OCTATCO, a provider of passwordless solutions for Windows PC login. She discussed her authentication issues with Ezy (fictitious), our customer support representative, who suggested using Octaco's fingerprint security key EzFinger to implement passwordless PC login.


OCTATCO EzFinger is a passwordless FIDO-certified fingerprint security key supporting Windows Hello. It is an official security authentication solution recommended by Microsoft to global customers. We provide accurate user authentication by replacing vulnerable passwords with fingerprint-registered user access only so that PC login is more convenient and safer. Biometric authentication is 10 times faster than passwords and enables employees to focus on their core tasks by reducing time wasted on password management and resetting. Also, implementing EzFinger's powerful security key allows companies to meet security standards and receive additional security certification from government regulatory agencies.

Jane suggested to the management that Octato's fingerprint security keys should be used to eliminate PC login authentication weaknesses. She was able to integrate OCTATCO's solution immediately after obtaining approval. Afterward, Jane reported that there hasn't been any employee account takeover because authentication has been improved. Password management for employees such as password creation and reset was also reduced by 95%. She also reported that executives' and employees' feedback were positive because their authentication was now more user-friendly. By removing complex password management through passwordless biometric authentication, user satisfaction had dramatically improved. The information security team also spends less time handling password-related issues, increasing the team's productivity by 20%. In addition, after the implementation of OCTATCO EzFinger, the company is now able to meet authentication regulations.

Thanks to OCTATCO, Jane was able to easily and quickly apply a passwordless biometric authentication solution to PC login, improving overall efficiency at a low cost. Employees' and information security team's satisfaction is higher than before so she is planning to expand OCTATCO's solution to in-house business systems in the near future.

0 Account takeover
95% Password problem reduction
20% Enhanced productivity
OCTATCO PC login authentication solution customers
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